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Shipping Policy - Processing time, Lost Packages Customs Etc

Shipping policy

As of November 1st- Processing time for all new orders is around 7 business days. Not including holidays and weekends.Your firs processing day starts the next day. Your order ships on the 8th day.  If you orded prior to Nov 1st , I am working all old orders during the day and doing the new ones at night so you haven't been forgotten. If you are still missing an order, please text me and ill take care of it immediately.

( This is for Prior to November 1st ) Processing time takes 4-6 weeks ( this can be less as I am catching up ) depending on your order and how many items you've purchased.

Once I drop your package off at the post office, what happens next is unfortunately out of my control. I am not responsible for lost or stolen packages. If something like this happens, please contact the shipping provider (USPS, UPS) . You are responsible for filing the claim with UPS or USPS. If you need copies of any receipts to file your claim, please text me at the number on the homepage. There is no guarantee they will pay out on a claim. They only pay up to $100.00 on claims. If your order is more than $100 and / or your worried it may not get paid, please purchase signature release at checkout so they cant just leave it at your door. If your shipping provider does not pay for your lost or stolen package, I am not liable for this. If you have any concerns prior to purchasing, please text me to discuss any additional options or insurance coverage.

Packages are shipped with the shipping provider you select. Usually USPS priority mail, ground advantage , UPS, or FedEx- all which come with a tracking number and usually up to $100 in insurance.

For International Shipping: I ship internationally, but please note that overseas shipping will take a lot longer than domestic shipping. **For all European Union customers** your parcel is subject to international customs and import taxes upon delivery. I'm not responsible for delays due to customs.