Cloudy Fragrances

We are are at that time of year again that some people may receive their fragrances and notice its cloudy. This is due to the rising temperatures during shipping and usually because they contain high vanilla content. You may say, "but when i buy fragrances from Sephora etc, I don't have this issue". They tend to use a lot of different chemicals and additives to prevent these issues. I do not use these things in your fragrances. The cloudiness will dissipate when the bottle sits but you'll notice it gets cloudy again when its shaken. This does not effect the scent or longevity of the fragrance. Its just the visual of it. I do apologize if this happens but again it doesn't affect the quality and you have no need to be concerned using the product. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out 918-397-3165. Lots of blessing and luv! - Eryiana- Owner of Andromeda's Moon