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Andromeda’s Moon

Inspired by Whispers in the Library Eau De Parfum

Inspired by Whispers in the Library Eau De Parfum

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Inspired by Whispers in the Library EDP from Maison Margiela 

This is a discontinued fragrance that you can now still enjoy!

Known for its intriguing blend of scents that evoke the ambiance of a quiet library. The perfume combines notes like cedarwood, vanilla, and tonka bean, creating a warm and comforting base. On top of this, you may detect a touch of aromatic pepper and subtle floral hints, giving the impression of well-loved books and parchment. This fragrance aims to capture the serene atmosphere and the hushed conversations that occur in a library, making it a unique olfactory experience.

Notes: Vanilla, Woody Notes, Cedar and Pepper


Size options-

5ml glass spray bottle (EDP)

15ml glass perfume bottle (EDP)

30ml glass perfume bottle (EDP)

60ml glass perfume bottle (EDP)


We specialize in making and using uncut, organic and sustainably sourced perfume oil to make your Eau De Parfum. We do not sell straight perfume oil at this time. Our list of available fragrances continues to grow as well as the types of products we offer. We have never compromised our quality and never will.  You may find that other companies may offer lower prices, but they cannot match or provide the quality we offer. We encourage you to do your own research and make your own decision.  We will always honor our commitment in offering the highest quality fragrances. Thank you for giving us your time and becoming part of Andromeda’s Moon!

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